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About Edgerton Contracting
Edgerton Contracting Inc - Building and Remodeling on the Cutting Edge
Buckroe Beach dream house, multiple winner of PHBA Parade of Homes 2013

Edgerton Contracting Inc. is a Class "A" licensed building contractor based in Yorktown, VA.

President Ricky Edgerton has been in business for two decades. Ricky's style is very unique and he tries to incorporate it every chance he gets. We don't limit ourselves to anything and we always try to go above and beyond for our homeowners so they feel as if their house has that "extra special" touch to it.

Ricky is a two-time past president of the Peninsula Housing and Builders Association (PHBA) and has been an active board member. He also stays very active within his community.

Edgerton says that this philosophy of building is, "Give the customers a good quality product and plenty of attention. I love working hand-in-hand with the customers. I feel like they deserve that when building a custom home. By hearing firsthand what their needs are and how they want things done, I can help them develop their plans and personally see that they are carried through to their satisfaction."

"When I talk to potential homeowners," he says, "I hope that they will perceive my honesty and the quality of the product that I can give them. I feel that I do things in the process of construction that some other builders don't do. I try to establish a level of trust by being a good listener and taking care of the concerns that they have. Typically the homes we build are last homes. The homeowners are retiring or are in their later career stages. They are building the home they've always wanted. I do everything I can to accommodate their needs."

One of the ways to judge a builder is by his relationships with his suppliers and subcontractors. Ricky has found those who fit his building style and quality needs. He has stayed with them since the beginning.

"I work well with them, and I feel that it's a good reflection on me that they are still with me. I pay them well, they know what I expect and they do the same quality work for me consistently. I never have to be concerned about how I am going to sell a customer on my homes, because I know the quality is going to be maintained year in and year out."
Ricky Edgerton wanted to build his own home when he was 22. He got together with a friend who was in a family-owned small building business with his father. With the help and guidance from them, Ricky built his first house for himself. That was in 1980. He worked at Newport News Shipbuilding by day, and around 1987 started buying foreclosed properties that he could fix up and sell in his spare time. As foreclosures became fewer with a better economy, Ricky decided to get his Class A Contractor's License and build new houses. He still worked at the shipyard and built on the side until 1994 when he started building full-time. Ricky's experience of tearing older houses apart and seeing how they were built intrigued him.

"I learned about the construction process and all the phases of it by tearing houses apart and putting them back together," he says. "It gave me a great appreciation for the work."
"Typically it takes about two months to develop the plans for a custom home," says Ricky. "We usually have a preliminary meeting from a reference by one of my existing homeowners or possibly from one of my site signs in a neighborhood where we are building. We sit down and do some rough idea sketches, then send the sketches to an architect for drawings. After further meeting and finalizing the plans, we ask for six months to build the home. We can usually bring them in early around five months, but I like to allow for unforeseen problems like bad weather."
Ricky Edgerton grew up in Hampton. He went to Bethel High School where he was active in baseball, football, and basketball. Around 2000, he moved to York County.

"We sold the house we were living in and had to move rather quickly, so I purchased a house from another builder. The builder and I are still friends," he adds. Ricky has three grown daughters, Renea, Jenny (pictured with him at right), and Gabrielle, and one son, Joshua. 

"I love to go to Redskins football games," he says. "I am a season ticket-holder. Snow skiing is really my passion, and I try to go every chance I get."