Meet THE Builder

    At Edgerton Contracting, the focus is on family. Edgerton Contracting is a family-owned and operated general contractor outfit that designs and creates beautiful, high-quality homes customized to each individual family’s unique needs and desires. Ricky Edgerton is the owner and lead contractor, and his daughter, Jenny, is a real estate agent with Liz Moore & Associates. Edgerton Contracting works closely with each family, from design to move-in and well after, staying in close communication every step of the way. By the time Ricky warmly hands each family the keys to their dream home, he and Jenny are so close with their clients they feel like good friends, and they become part of the Edgerton Contracting family.


     Edgerton Contracting was founded in Yorktown, Virginia in

1994. Before getting his contractor’s license, Ricky designed
submarines and aircraft carriers, but seldom got to see his
designs once they were built. After building his own house,
Ricky discovered his passion for home construction and the
fulfillment he received from seeing his design come to life in a
practical, meaningful way. It’s fitting that the inspiration to start
the business was constructing his own family’s home, as family
is the cornerstone of Edgerton Contracting.
    “My daughter and I work in our office,” says Ricky. “She’s
been with me in the business for 14 years.”
    Jenny is a REALTOR® with Liz Moore & Associates and
helps families find a lot if they need one, or find their way to
Edgerton Contracting if they’re looking for something custom.
Ricky corresponds with clients and subcontractors, and
personally coordinates and oversees each project.
  Our clients are in constant, direct communication with the owner
himself, Ricky. “When you work with Edgerton Contracting, you work directly with me,” says Ricky. “I take a lot of pride in how much one on-one time I spend with each client. I’m open and honest with each client every step of the way. I do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’m going to do it.”That direct, open line of communication extends to his
subcontractors too.
    “My subcontractors are the best in the business,” says
Ricky. “We’ve been working together a long time and I trust the
quality of their work and the integrity of their businesses.”
A lot of builders claim to be custom builders, but they like to
build the same models over and over or do things their way –
and not the customer’s way – but not at Edgerton. “I’m open to
new ideas,” says Ricky. “I like to get outside the box and build a
truly custom, unique-to-that-family, high quality home that they
help create. Often building a custom home is perceived as a headache, but Edgerton makes the process smooth and enjoyable for their clients.

      “We don’t tend to have too many issues arise because I

am in constant communication with the clients and my team,
and we’re able to address any concerns and possible conflicts
proactively along the way,” says Ricky. “I stay on top of my
jobs, visiting each site regularly, and I invite the clients to visit as
often as they like with me. We engage and embrace the latest
technology here at Edgerton to help us run each job smoothly
and answer questions and address things real-time, keeping the
job moving ahead.”
     Ricky’s 24 years of experience enable him to anticipate
potential problems and proactively incorporate solutions,
keeping the job on schedule.
     “I’m very flexible,” says Ricky. “I’m happy to walk clients
through the entire construction process from start to finish.
They’re an integral part of the process. I like to join my clients
on site to discuss their suggestions, listen to their feedback, and
answer any questions. My clients are always welcome, and I
invite them to be as involved as they desire.”
     A designer with a creative mind, Ricky is always thinking about his projects and what suggestions he can make to
enhance their home. “I learn about my clients by listening to
them,” says Ricky. “I listen to their desires, how they live from
day to day, and how they plan to use each room. I listen to their
concerns. I’m in such close communication with them that I
really know them and their situation, and from that I’m able to
make valuable suggestions to enhance their quality of living and
functionality of their new home.”


   Ricky also helps his clients with the smallest details that make a big difference. 

    “We will go with our clients to different suppliers and help them make selections,” says Ricky. Edgerton makes what can be an overwhelming task, a fun shopping trip! “I’m happy to provide
input based on my experience.” This is one small way Edgerton
provides their clients with the comfort and assurance that
they can rely on Ricky and his team use their knowledge and
experience to build them their dream home that will truly reflect
their desires.
    “The latest and greatest technology will be offered to all
clients,” says Ricky. With 24 years in the business, Ricky knows
what technology and features will really benefit a family, and
which to avoid. Ricky also regularly attends trade shows and
avidly reads about design and construction so he can stay up to-date on the latest trends and technology and offer his clients
the very best solutions.
     Edgerton Contracting enjoys participating in the Parade
of Homes every year and is pleased to have won the coveted
People’s Choice award in 2016 for their home in Carrolton. 

     “It was really an honor and an indication that’s we’re doing the right things,” says Ricky. “I enjoy the gratification I get when I give a family the best product I possibly can based on their desires. Knowing they are satisfied and have their dream home makes me really happy. I build on my reputation and referrals, we don’t advertise very much, so I always keep my customers happy. 

     "And with 24 years in business, Ricky and his team are keeping  their clients extremely happy!

    “Family is one of the most important things to me, in every aspect, from the personal family to my team members and my family of subcontractors and suppliers,” says Ricky. “It’s an honor to build a space that a family will live in. I take that honor and responsibility very seriously. I treat my clients like I treat my family, I make sure they’re given the best product at the best value possible. And at the end of the process, my clients are considered family."

    Reach out to Ricky and Jenny today and learn more about becoming part of the Edgerton Contracting Family.